Representative of European
machine and component
manufacturers in Japan.

Supplier of special
Made in Japan components
to Europe.

Since 1948.

About Correns Corporation

The Correns TeamThe Correns Team

Correns Corporation was founded 1948 in Tokyo and has since been focusing on importing leading European machines and special components to Japan. We strive to bridge the informational, geographical and cultural gap between Europe and Japan.

Besides the strength of our skilled sales engineers, our local technical service personnel’s support and maintenance expertise is highly evaluated and helps us to differentiate. Through the long lasting win-win relationships with our European supplier base we have managed to establish a firm reputation of trust within the Japanese market.

New partners

If you are a manufacturer of cutting edge machine technology and would like to expand your business to Japan please contact us, we would be happy to assist!

Upcoming Events
18/09/2019 – 20/09/2019
Japan Pack
03/10/2019 – 06/10/2019

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Location Map
Location Map

Please find a detailed description and access map to our head office's location here.


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