Plastic & Rubber Processing

New applications for plastic and rubber materials are being developed almost daily. We provide the plastic processing industry with advanced, fully automatic extrusion lines as well as thermoforming-, compressionand blow-molding machines for a wide range of highquality plastic products, including industrial filaments, single-layer and multi-layer films, cups and lids, bottles and bottle caps.

Large webs of woven synthetic fibers are required in the paper-making process. Almost all Japanese manufacturers of such webs use special weaving machines imported and sold by Correns.

Fields of activities:

Metal-forming & processing
  • Extrusion lines for cast films, sheets, thermoforming films and synthetic filaments
  • Stretching and rewinding lines for cast films
  • Laminating lines
  • Injection molding machines for plastic, rubber and liquid silicone rubber
  • High-precision molds for plastic and liquid silicone rubber
  • Blow molding machines
  • Thermoforming machines
  • Compression molding machines
  • Weaving machines for synthetic fibers

New Partners:

If you are a technology leader in your industry and interested in a market extension to Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to assist!