Construction & Mining Technology

In today's construction industry, rationalization has become a primary target as companies strive to increase productivity and provide workers with a better working environment. This drive for rationalization extends also into the fields of precast concrete products and reinforcement processing.

Correns is responding to these requirements by importing and selling automatic plants, among them Japan's first fully automatic CAD/CAM plant for the production of half-slab elements. We have also successfully introduced dry-casting plants for the production of pipes, manholes and blocks as well as processing equipment for reinforcement wires.

Fields of activities:

Construction & Mining Technology
  • Production plants and application machines for dry mortar and dry concrete
  • Fully automatic dry-casting plants for the production of concrete elements, including handling systems
  • Automatic cage and mesh-welding machinery for concrete reinforcements
  • Testing equipment for mortar and concrete
  • Concrete block crushers
  • Mining and tunneling equipment

New Partners:

If you are a technology leader in your industry and interested in a market extension to Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to assist!