Printing・Coating Technology

The trend toward greater diversity in the packaging of consumer goods is supporting the growth of the Japanese market for equipment for the decorating and imprinting of packages.

Japanese consumers are among the most quality conscious in the world. To meet their rigorous demands for high-quality packaging and decorating, Japanese decorators rely on advanced European machinery.

Correns supplies equipment for decorating plastic, glass and metal containers and plastic tubes as well as offset printing machines for labels, films and business forms. We also sell coating machines for flat glass, wood panel and fiber cement board and screen- and offset-printing machines for compact discs and digital video discs.

Fields of activities:

Printing・Coating Technology
  • Multi-color screen-printing machines for glass, paper, ceramics, plastic and metal
  • Printing machines for smart cards, compact discs (CD) and digital versatile discs (DVD)
  • Roll-to-roll offset and screen printing lines for labels , business forms and flexible packaging
  • Rotary pad printing machines
  • Ink Jet Printers (large format) for flat glass and ceramic
  • Flexo printing machines for cardboard boxes
  • High precision screen printer for solar cells, printed electronics, RFID and organic electronics
  • Reciprocating coating machines for flat glass, wood panel and fiber cement board
  • Electrostatic coating machines for plastic and glass container
  • Thermoreactor which is a heating device and using the technology of catalytic combustion

New Partners:

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