Selling machines to Japan

Our sales engineers have an in depth knowledge of the industry they are working in and support our European partners during the complete sales process in Japan. Starting from an initial market research to joint customer visits, organization of trade shows and exhibitions, reference visits in Europe and factory acceptance tests, machine installation and service engineer visits, Correns is taking care of all aspects of your business in Japan.

In case of a machine failure Japanese customers insist on fast and immediate troubleshooting. Due to the geographical distance this point is a major obstacle for European machine suppliers. To fulfill this customer requirement Correns is providing more than 20 service engineers in hubs like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Hiroshima to enable fast customer support all over Japan.

Furthermore, Correns can offer the following services in-house: bridging of different payment terms, contractual differences, local approvals for the Japanese market, shipment from Europe to Japan, import declaration, customs clearance, local transportation within Japan and many more.

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Location Map
Location Map

Please find a detailed description and access map to our head office's location here.


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