Metal-forming & processing

We are a leading importer of Metal-forming & processing machinery covering applications as diversified as the production of mattress springs and car suspension springs, the swaging of automobile steering tubes and the production of semi-finished material for leadframes for semiconductors.

In the cold-processing sector we have installed nearly 2,000 metal-forming machines, including over 1,200 wireworking machines and several large-scale customーdesigned presses.

In the hot-processing field we have sold more than 130 forging presses, up to max. 9,000-ton range, to parts manufacturers in the automobile and aircraft industries.

Major product lines:
  • Wire drawing machines
  • Wire-working machines for chains, springs, mattresses, fencing, nails, bolts, pins and tubes
  • Machinery for welding of wire meshes
  • Automatic and flexible forming, welding and assembly centers
  • Machinery for warm, hot and cold chipless forming
  • Forming and notching presses
  • Hydraulic and hydroforming presses
  • Swaging machines
  • Expanded metal presses
  • Melting furnaces, horizontal- and vertical-casting plants, rolling mills, heat-treatment furnaces and auxiliary equipment for non-ferrous metals
  • Hot- and cold-chamber die-casting machines, including melting and dosing furnaces
  • Heat- and surface-treatment and coating equipment
Upcoming Events
Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022
29/06/2022 – 01/07/2022
13/07/2022 – 15/07/2022

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Location Map
Location Map

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