Food Processing, Brewing & Beverage Technology

Much as Japanese cuisine has won a following throughout the world, Western foods and beverages have taken a firm hold in Japan. Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are just a few examples.

Once demand for a new food item grows to a level which warrants domestic production, Correns helps to build up this production through information exchange, transfer of process know-how and the supply of application-specific production equipment.

Major product lines:
  • Natural cheese production lines
  • Sugar-cone baking machines
  • Yeast-block extrusion and packaging lines
  • Measurement devices for beer brewing
  • Roasting and grinding plants for coffee and barley
  • Frying and conveying systems for potato products
  • Salad and vegetable processing machines
  • Equipment for blanching, steaming and cooking
  • Vinegar production technology
Upcoming Events
Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022
29/06/2022 – 01/07/2022
13/07/2022 – 15/07/2022

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Location Map
Location Map

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