Headoffice BuildingHeadoffice BuildingTrade between Japan and Europe has changed vastly in volume, function and technical sophistication in recent decades.

Correns Corporation, founded in Tokyo in 1948, has contributed to the growth of this trade, serving as a bridge, not only for goods and services but also for mutual understanding, between Japan and Western countries.

Metal processing, plastics and glass, packaging and food processing, electronics and recycling are some of the fields in which Correns supplies Japanese industries with advanced European machinery and production technology. Many of Japan's most important manufacturers are among our clients.

We strive, in a broader role than merely trading, to be reliable partners to both our principals and clients, to help them understand each other well enough to form long-lasting relationships. Our staff
of about 175 employees, most of them sales engineers, build strong ties on both sides; they bring to clients the benefits of the suppliers' expertise in engineering, production processes and product design. They also assist suppliers and clients with patent issues.

claus corrensClaus Correns, Founder.

Correns own service engineers install and maintain equipment ranging from single machines to entire plants. They provide emergency repair service as well as routine maintenance and train clients' machine operators. On the basis of these commercial and technical services, plus the trust and understanding we have built with clients and suppliers, more than 150 leading European and American manufacturers rely on us today.

Conversely, major European firms also count on us for a reliable supply of made-in-Japan components in such high-technology fields as mechatronics, industrial optics and office automation.

Correns has been instrumental in concluding more than 90 license agreements between Europe and Japan, including agreements for technology for the Wankel Rotary Engine and the Alweg Monorail.

We look to the future with great confidence. New challenges are waiting; new products will be introduced and new markets opened. Correns will take on these challenges, serving both sides by spanning the distance between nations with skill, knowledge, confidence and reliability.


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